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Crossroads Chiropractic Award

Crossroads Chiropractic Award



I have never been to a Chiropractor, but I have been to DOs in the past for Osteopathic manipulation. I was hesitant at first to actually see a chiropractor because I had heard horror stories about their more invasive methods that could cause injury. Regardless, my wife stumbled upon a groupon for an evaluation and a 30 minute massage which she gave me for Christmas. I was a little hesitant, but I thought might as well give it a shot. I AM GLAD I DID!

First of all, I get massages about 2-3 times a year. I have been doing this for many years. I tend to go to new places quite often because there's always something lacking with massage therapists. Either they are too light (I like very deep tissue massages) or they ignore my complaints. The woman here, I believe her name was Ryan, was FANTASTIC!

I would say that this 30 minute massage was the 2nd best massage I've ever had. I am being very picky here. The only better massage was from an older Japanese woman in San Francisco who specialized in shiatsu. Ryan did a typical swedish/deep tissue massage, but was not afraid to dig in and really break up my restrictions. I am still sore today (the massage was yesterday) but that's a good thing in my book. I immediately felt much looser. My biggest complaint is that the massage was only 30 min. I have not found anyone close to her level here in KC and I have gone to a few expensive health clubs and spas. So far she is the best.

As for Dr. Taylor, she was not at all what I was expecting either. I was afraid that she might go on a rant about how fixing my spinal issues could cure my acid reflux and that she'd "rack me and crack me", but that wasn't the case. She was extremely professional. Personally, I do enjoy a practitioner who is a little more laid back, but being professional is only a good thing. She genuinely seemed to listen to my concerns and she conducted a rather through evaluation. She did not watch me walk without shoes on, nor did she ask me to remove during her diagnostic testing, but I'm sure she was focusing on the more prominent issue of the multiple rib displacements that I had.

She was able to "pop" most everything into place and was much more gentle than expected. When she went to crack my neck, she moved things into position and one of my cervical spines slid back into place by itself, just like it should (most times, if you are lucky) if you are preforming the technique correctly.

As I said, I had multiple things wrong with my back. I don't think she solved everything. But, she admitted she couldn't in our time we had. I was with her for about 30 min so I guess that's fair. She recommended monthly appointments until everything is back to normal. I was surprised by this but relieved at the same time. I have heard stories of chiropractors insisting on weekly appointments before.

Regardless, I do think I will look into this option only if it is covered by my health insurance. I do not have enough cash to throw around to have someone fix all my problems that likely I could do myself if I'd stretch more. But if I don't go monthly, I'd certainly consider every 6 months or so.

I highly recommend Crossroads Chiropractic. I went in thinking the worst and was blown away! If you have any back issues at least go for the massage, but it might be worth getting that adjustment too. ~Matt B


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